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Grupo Abril is one of the major and more influential groups of communication in Latin America providing information, education and entertainment to most public segments and integrated working with other media.
Abril was founded in 1950 based on the principles of integrity, quality, leadership and innovation. Today, Grupo Abril employs about 7,000 people and is formed by Editora Abril (publications), Abril Digital ( and Abril on cell phones), MTV (Segmented TV) and Abril Educação (Ática and Scipione publishing houses, Anglo and SER Learning System, Anglo preparatory course for University entrance examination, pH course and school, ETB schools and technical Learning System and Siga preparatory course for public service entrance examinations). Abril has the largest printing facility in Latin America, efficient database marketing, subscriptions and distribution services.
Abril published more than 300 titles in 2008 and is a leader in 22 of the 25 segments in which it operates. Over the year, Abril's circulation of its publications reached 179.2 million copies in a universe of nearly 28 million readers and 4 million subscribers. Seven of the ten most read magazines in the country are Abril's publications, Veja being the largest weekly news magazine in the world and the largest outside the United States.
In the domestic market, Grupo Abril is also a leader in the textbook publishing segment. Abril Educação has published over 3,000 titles and holds 29% market share – in 2008 Abril Educação produced 37 million books. In the other segments, Grupo Abril is also regarded as synonymous with innovation and leadership: MTV, launched in 1990, was the first segmented TV in Brazil while on the internet the Group already accounts for more than 80 websites and portals related to their brands and content.
Fundação Victor Civita, which was created in 1985 and is committed to improving basic education in the country, was the beginning of Grupo Abril's social responsibility projects. With Nova Escola magazine, every month the Foundation reaches 3.3 million teachers, schoolmasters and school coordinators in most schools in the country.

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