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Brasilagro Companhia Brasileira de Prop. 
Exchanges: Sao Paulo

Brasilagro Companhia Brasileira de Propiedades Agricolas (Brasilagro) is involved in the agricultural sector. The Company focuses on acquisition and leasing of selected rural properties to implement high-value-added agricultural production by investing in infrastructure and technology. Brasilagro is engaged in the exploration of agriculture, cattle farming and forestry activities, import and export of agricultural products, as well as purchase, sale and leasing of properties, land, buildings and real estate in rural and urban areas. In addition, the Company is engaged in the grain, soybean, cotton, corn and sugarcane cultivation. The Company operates 11 farms in six Brazilian states with a total area of 175,211 hectares. As of June 30, 2011, the Company held shares in such companies as Cremaq Ltda, Engenho de Maracaju Ltda and Jaborandi Propriedades Agricolas SA, among others.
Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima 1.309 5th floor
Sao Paulo, 01452-002
+55-11-30355350 (Phone)
+55-11-30355366 (Fax)


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