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Companhia Iguacu de Cafe Soluvel 
Exchanges: Sao Paulo

The Company is principally engaged in production and marketing of soluble, roasted and ground coffee as well as its derivatives. The Company's product portfolio is mainly comprised of bulk and packaged spray dried, agglomerated and freeze-dried instant coffee, coffee oil, coffee extract and cappuccino coffee. It has a presence in the domestic market, as well as in a number of foreign markets, such as Spain, Romania and Japan, among others. Additionally the other operational activities in the field of marketing of green coffee, selling and leasing machines for preparing hot beverages, building and electromechanical projects are developed by subsidiaries. As of December 31, 2009, the Company had subsidiaries such as Exportadora e Importadora Marubeni Colorado Ltda, Panfoods Co Ltd, Iguacumec Eletromecanica Ltda, Automatos Locacao de Maquinas e Comercio de Bebidas Ltda and Hidromineral Fazenda Sao Joao Ltda.
Br 369 -Rodovia Mello Peixoto, Km 88
Cornelio Procopio - PR, 86300-000
+55-43-34011211 (Phone)
+55-43-35242542 (Fax)


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