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Companhia de Fiacao Tecidos Cedro Cacho
Exchanges: Brazil

Companhia de Fiacao e Tecidos Cedro Cachoeira (Cedro) is a Brazil-based company involved in the textile industry. It is engaged in the production of denims, drills and fabrics. The Company and its subsidiaries operate various factories situated in the cities of Sete Lagoas, Caetanopolis and Pirapora. In addition, Cedro has two distribution centers in the cities of Contagem and Pirapora, which are situated in the state of Minas Gerais. The Company operates in several countries, including Germany, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Switzerland and Mexico, among others. As of Its subsidiaries include Companhia de Fiacao e Tecidos Cedronorte and Companhia de Fiacao e Tecidos Santo Antonio.
Rua Paraiba, 337 Funcionarios
Belo Horizonte, 30130-140
+55-31-32355011 (Phone)
+55-31-32355055 (Fax)


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