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Minerva SA is a Brazil-based company that is engaged in the food processing industry. It specializes in animal slaughtering, as well as in the production, sales and export of raw and processed beef and beef byproducts under the Minerva brand name. Through its own logistics network, the Company provides logistics services, such as ship chartering, delivery, export and storage services. The Company operates a number of production units, located in the states of Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins and Goias. In addition, the Company has sales offices and distribution centers. In 2009, it had interests in various companies, such as Redi Neto Construcao Ltda, Minerva Overseas Ltd, Eurominerva Comércio, Minerva Middle East and Minerva Beef, among others. Minerva SA is controlled by Vdq Holdings SA.
Av. Antonio Manco Bernardes Chacara Minerva
Barretos, 14781-545
+55-17-33213392 (Phone)
+55-17-33213481 (Fax)

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