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Odontoprev SA 
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Odontoprev SA is a Brazil-based holding company that provides dental health services. It has a network of over 15,000 dental surgeons operating in more than 1,200 Brazilian cities. The Company's customers include insurance companies, associations and labor unions. As of December 31, 2009, Odontoprev SA held shares in various subsidiaries, such as Odontoprev Servicos Ltda, Clidec - Clinica Dentaria Especializada Cura D'ars Ltda and Garcia Pedrosa Ltda, among others. On October 18, 2009, the Company settled association agreement with Bradesco Dental SA for the integration of activities.
Alameda Tocantins, 125 15s andar
Barueri, 06455-020
+55-11-21686893 (Phone)
+55-11-21686920 (Fax)


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