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Evora S.A. (current name of Petropar S.A.)
Exchanges: Sao Paulo

Petropar SA is a holding company based in Brazil. Through its subsidiaries, the Company is principally engaged in the manufacture of polypropylene products, as well as plastic and metal packaging. Petropar SA also has forestry operations, including the production of pine and eucalyptus. The Company operates units in various Brazilian cities, including Manaus, Estancia, Cabreuva, Gravatai and Venancio. Additionally, it runs the plants of Queretaro, in Mexico, and Washougal, in the United States. On July 31, 2009, Petropar SA established a joint venture with Fiberweb Plc under the name FitesaFiberweb USA Inc, for the manufacture of spunbond and spunmelt materials. The Company also holds a direct stake in Fitesa SA, Petropar Riograndense Ltda and Petropar Agroflorestal Ltda.

Rua Siqueira Campos, 1163 7 Andar Centro
Porto Alegre - RS, 90010-001
+55-51-34897524 (Phone)
+55-51-34897092 (Fax)


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