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Rodobens Negocios Imobiliarios SA
Exchanges: Sao Paulo

Rodobens Negocios Imobiliarios SA (Rodobens) is a Brazil-based company engaged in the homebuilding and real estate industries. It focuses its activities on the purchase and sale of real estate, division or subdivision of land, real estate development and construction of buildings for sale, providing services to third parties and managing the portfolio of real estate financing receivables of its own or third-party projects. It classifies its real estate in two types, Terra Nova (the New Segment) and Sistema Facil (the Traditional segment) type, according to the size and the location of the real estate. As of December 31, 2009, the Company's subsidiaries included Sistema Facil Florianopolis I SPE Ltda, Sistema Facil Indaiatuba I SPE Ltda, Sistema Facil Sao Paulo I SPE Ltda, Terra Nova Rodobens Residence VIII SPE Ltda and Terra Nova Rodobens Palhoca I SPE Ltda, among others. Rodobens is a part of Rodobens Group.
Avenda Francisco das Chagas de Oliveira, 2500 Higienopolis
SJ Rio Preto, 15085-845
+55-17-21371752 (Phone)
+55-17-21371736 (Fax)


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