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Tegma Gestao Logistica SA
Exchanges: Sao Paulo

Tegma Gestão Logística S.A. ("Tegma" or "Company") provides integrated logistic services for transportation, warehousing (including bonded warehousing), the control and management of inventory and development of logistics solutions in different sectors of the economy, such as the automotive and chemical.
The Company believes to be the market leader in the transport of brand new vehicles for the automotive industry in Brazil, with a market share of approximately 29% in this sector, hauling approximately 1.2 million brand new vehicles in 2013. Tegma has provided logistics services to the automotive industry in Brazil since 1969 and today provides logistics solutions to the principal Brazilian automobile manufacturers, including national production, imports and exports in Brazil, manufactured and sold in Brazil.
Tegma offers a complete portfolio of logistics services for the automotive sector, including:
The transportation of finished products, principally involving brand new vehicles within Brazil and to other countries in the Mercosul region (which the Company refers to as Outbound Transport);
The transportation of parts and raw materials to production lines (which the Company refers to as Inbound Transport); and
Pre-delivery inspections of brand new vehicles and integrated logistics services for the management, warehousing and control of inventory.
For the other sectors of the economy in which Tegma operates, its transport strategy seeks to maximize the use of high capacity equipment to move large cargo volumes efficiently. This operational model has given us a competitive advantage in key industries.
The Company has the operating and administrative rights to Porto Seco de Vitória I, the largest in cost, insurance and freight (or CIF) terms and most modern dry port in Brazil, located in Cariacica, Espírito Santo. Tegma provides warehousing, inventory control and inventory management at that port. The Companys’ warehousing and inventory control services include bonded warehousing, temporary safeguarding and managing the distribution of cargo, including the consolidation, deconsolidation and inspection of goods produced by customers.
Tegma is strategically located close to the plants of the principal vehicle manufacturers and water ports in Brazil. The Company has approximately 2,010,000 m² of storage in several Brazilian states, notably São Paulo, Bahia, Minas Gerais and Paraná, of which 300,000 m² is bonded.
Tegma adopted an "asset light" operational model, which means that the fleet of trucks is principally outsourced. As a result, the Company’s costs and expenses are predominantly variable. This structure allows Tegma to adapt rapidly to any changes in demand or economic conditions.

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