Yara Brasil Fertilizantes SA 
Exchanges: Sao Paulo

Yara Brasil Fertilizantes SA is a Brazil-based company involved in the production, import and export of fertilizers and the provision of related services. Its product line includes NPK and specialized fertilizers. The NPK line is consisted of Topmix, Somax and Daoui. The specialized line is comprised of YaraBela, YaraLiva, YaraMila and YaraVita, among others. As of December 31, 2009, Yara Brasil Fertilizantes SA operated in over 50 offices worldwide. It wholly owns Agrofertil SA and holds shares in Industria de Fertilizantes de Cubatao SA. The Company is part of the Norwegian group Yara.
Avenida Padre Cacique, 320 Menino Deus
Porto Alegre, 90810-240
+55-51-32301371 (Phone)
+55-51-32303483 (Fax)


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