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Hong Kong

Alpha General (Holdings) Limited was founded in 1974. The Group and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the marketing and distribution of quality electrical home appliances and audio-visual products, including the renowned GENERAL and FUJI ELECTRIC air-conditioners, GALA washing machine, refrigerator, dehumidifier, CINETRON plasma and LCD TV, DVD recorder, GOLDLINE range hood, gas hob. The Group was publicly listed on The Hong Kong Stock Exchange from August 1997 to December 2004 and successfully privatized in January 2005.

In 1976, Alpha Appliances Limited, the Group’s subsidiary, commenced its partnership with the manufacturer of GENERAL air-conditioners in Japan and has been striving to provide consumers with the premium quality products and services in the capacity of the sole agent in Hong Kong and Macau since then. After years of dedicated efforts, coupled with the strong acumen in the electrical appliances market, Alpha has been able to establish GENERAL as the leading brand air-conditioner in Hong Kong, which is widely adopted by major property developers, government departments, hospitals, education institutes, private enterprises and general consumers. In conjunction with our growing development on other household brands of products, Alpha has become a leading supplier in Hong Kong’s electrical appliances trade.


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