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South Korea

BTC KOREA CO.,LTD. is a Korea-based cBTC KOREA CO.,LTD.ompany mainly engaged in the distribution of hardware and software. The Company operates its business through three segments: solution, light crystal display (LCD) monitor and light emitting diode (LED) power saving lighting. Its solution segment involves in the distribution of computers, computer peripherals and software of IBM, T-max and others. Its LCD monitor segment manufactures LCD monitors used for computers, video players, gaming devices and other display devices. Its LED power saving lighting segment produces LED lights under the brand name of L-STATION and others, which are used as dimmers. It also provides keyboards and other computer peripherals. On February 21, 2012, the Company sold its entire interests in G.N.TECH Venture Capital Co.,LTD, mainly engaged in the investments in venture corporations.


439-1, Sanggi-Ri, Bongdam-Eup
HWASEONG, 445895
South Korea
+82-31-7081570 (Phone)
+82-31-7081280 (Fax)

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