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COSCO Ship Port’s market position and its competitive advantages are greatly strengthened by the reorganisation. In terms of total throughput, the Group’s global market share has increased from 9.9% to 11.6%, making it the world’s second largest terminal operator. In terms of equity throughput, market share increased from 2.8% to 3.6%, the sixth largest globally. The Group’s position in the Greater China region is also stronger, with its market share increasing from 27.0% to 32.2%. In addition, its terminal network in China extends to the Southwestern Coast, so that it covers the top five port clusters along the Chinese coast.
Following the reorganisation of COSCO and China Shipping Group, the container shipping fleet capacity of our parent company has increased to 1.6 million TEU, representing 8% of the world’s total container shipping fleet capacity and ranking fourth in the world. COSCO Ship Port, as the listed terminal flagship of the parent company, will thus receive even greater support from a top-tier global container shipping fleet. Benefiting from the synergies with its parent company, the Group’s global competitiveness will come to the fore.
The reorganisation has presented the Group with a golden opportunity.  By acquiring a portfolio of terminals assets, the Group has expanded its terminal network and market share, thus advancing its leading position in Greater China and the global container terminals industry.  The Group will focus its resources on developing its terminals business and will continue to enhance its competitive edge. Capitalising on the national ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy, the Group will seize the opportunity to develop its terminal hubs and expand its global container terminal network, enabling sustainable development and growth of the terminals business, as well as value creation over the long-term.


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