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AKVA Group ASA is a Norway-based company engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and installation of equipment and technology used in the fish farming and aquaculture industries. Its activities are divided into two business areas. The Operational Technology (OPTECH) business area focuses on such products, as the centralized feed system, sensors, cameras, the biomass estimation system, light systems, net cleaning systems, software systems through the value chain and recirculation aquaculture systems. The Infrastructure Technology (INTECH) focuses on such products, as fish-farming cages and feeding barges. The Company’s products are marketed under such brands, as Wavemaster, Polarcirkel, Fishtalk and Akvasmart. AKVA Group ASA has subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands, United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Canada, Tunisia and Chile.
Nordlysveien 4 P.O. Box 271
Bryne, 4349
+47-5177-8500 (Phone)
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