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Employant 2500 salariés, le groupe A-Pressen est coté à la bourse d'Oslo. 
Actif dans la presse quotidienne et magazine, le groupe est également présent dans le multimedia et la télévision.

A-pressen’s business areas: Local media consist of 51 local newspapers, 43 online newspapers, eight local TV stations, 30 local radio stations as well as distribution and development companies. A-pressen’s newspapers account for 16% of national press circulation figures. Its newspapers play a dominant role in local news and advertising services. The multi-media strategy is continuously developed on the basis of this strong market position. 
National media consist of, production companies, Telepress, SportMedia and TV 2 (33.3%). TV 2 is the most important strategic investment in this business area. A-pressen aims to contribute to consolidating and further developing TV 2 as the leading commercial TV channel in Norway. Since February 2006, A-pressen has been the sole owner of, a classified ads portal. 
Printing consists of eight printing companies in Norway (with printing plants in 18 locations) and five Russian printing companies. In Norway, A-pressen’s primary activity is the publication of its own competitively priced quality newspapers. The printing plants also contribute to strengthening the newspapers’ position in local and regional markets. 
Russian media consist of three minority-owned newspapers and Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House (25%). Komsomolskaya Pravda is Russia’s largest national newspaper with a daily circulation of 800,000 and a weekly circulation of almost 3 million. A-pressen has forged business partnerships with some of Russia’s leading newspaper publishers.


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