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The company was established in 1966 under private management by the then West Pakistani entrepreneur. It was nationalized and placed under the management of Bangladesh Steel & Engineering Corporation (BSEC) in 1972 and converted into a Public Limited Company in 1987 when 49% of its share was sold to general public and 51% is retained with BSEC. 
Amount of authorized capital of the company is TK.20.00 Crore and Paid-up Capital is TK.10.00 Crore. 
Mission of the company is to develop communication system by producing Motorcycle and Mishuk (Tri-wheeler) and widen its activities aiming at creating job opportunities, adapt latest technology, provide fast and accurate customer service to ensure steady return on stockholder equity. At present it is meeting about forty percent of domestic demand.
Location / address: 
265-267, Tongi Industrial Area
Gazipur-1710, Bangladesh. 
Telephone: 88-02-9802337; 88-02-9803171(PABX) 
Fax: 88-02-9802397 


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