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Global Rig Company ASA is a Norway-based provider of onshore services to the global oil and gas industry. The Company invests in, owns, leases and operates onshore rigs, as well as engaging in other related activities. It operates seven wholly owned subsidiaries that are active in the oil sector. The Company’s subsidiaries include Global Rig Active AS, Global Rig Active 2 AS, Global Rig Active 3 AS, Global Rig Active 4 AS, Global Rig Active 5 AS and Global Rig Active 6 AS, all of which are based in Norway, and NorAm Drilling Company, located in Houston, the United States. The Norwegian companies own the rigs and lease them to the American company, which in turn performs all drilling operations in the Global Rig Company Group. The Company’s customers are operators with a need to drill one or more oil or gas wells. The length of contracts varies from single-well contracts to one- to two-year term contracts.
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