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Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) is a public sector brokerage house. ICB’s activities include private placement, custodian and banker to the issues, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financial advice lease finance, portfolio investment, advance against unit certificates scheme, advance against mutual fund certificates scheme, consumer credit scheme, bank guarantee scheme, training program and trustee to the debenture and securitized assets. It acts as an agent of the issuers and investors for private placements of securities and custodian to the public issue of open-end and closed-end mutual funds. ICB provides lease finance for procurement of industrial machinery, equipment and transport. It also provides professional advice and financial assistance to intending clients. It provides bid bond, performance bond and customs guarantee. The operations assigned to subsidiaries include stock exchange operations, investor’s scheme, ICB mutual fund scheme and ICB unit fund scheme.
8, 12th -15th Floor, BSB Build Rajuk Avenue
DHAKA, 1000
+88029563455 (Phone)
+88029563313 (Fax)


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