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Monno Ceramic Industries began producing porcelain tableware for the Bangladesh home market in 1985, and secured its first export order the following year. Monno soon earned an enviable reputation for both quality and value. The subsequent introduction of bone china to its range of quality dinnerware has only served to strengthen that reputation. As the original exporter of porcelain dinnerware ‘Made in Bangladesh’ Monno is proud to contribute to the growth of the Bangladesh economy. In a developing country the kudos accorded to exports and the valuable foreign exchange derived is significant. Today in Bangladesh Monno is a household name and regarded as one of the country’s premier companies. 
Bangladesh is still a relatively young country. When after independence British India was partitioned in 1947, West Pakistan and East Pakistan were created. Subsequently East Pakistan proclaimed independence in 1971 and Bangladesh (meaning Bengali homeland) came into being. As a developing country Bangladesh is accorded preferential tariffs by the European Union which means zero import duty on Monno tableware.
Monno offers products in Porcelain, New Bone China, Ivory China, and real Bone China. In fact they source the materials in their bone china body and glaze from Stoke on Trent, to which is added pure water filtered from their own wells. So Monno likes to think of it as ‘English’ Bone China. Customers include many well known prestigious department stores, speciality and chain stores around the world for whom they manufacture own label products. Some customers have been with Monno for as long as 20 consecutive years and Monno is proud to enjoy a close relationship with them. They work with customers to develop their own shapes or decorations, or can offer designs from their extensive stable. Their talented teams of artists and designers work closely with the experienced technicians of an own in-house decal print unit. That combination of man and machine helps achieve striking results. 
Monno’s Porcelain & Bone China factories are perhaps unique in being able to offer under one roof the flexibility and versatility of many manufacturing methods as best suit the size or nature of the product. Monno has invested in modern machinery and can boast high pressure casting, ISO Static Pressing, auto cup lines, auto dip glazing, spray drying, and an open firing system. That technology helps them in their never ending pursuit of excellence. Manufacturing capacity is in the order of 2 Million pieces per month. 
Monno Products are safe! Tests carried out by CERAM show their products fall well below the thresholds for lead and cadmium release in tableware or cookware coming into contact with foodstuffs as specified under current European regulations. They also meet Australasian and US Federal requirements as well as those specified by California’s very tough ‘Proposition 65’. 
The Monno Group of companies includes, significantly, Monno Fabrics Ltd. and Monno Attire Ltd, as well as printing and packaging companies mutually supporting the activities of the Group. Monno is not therefore dependent on outside suppliers for labels or packaging, which helps to ensure orders are available on time. 
Monno provides employment to some 5,000 skilled and unskilled local artisans, crafts men and women, who are encouraged to develop their full creative potential. Training is highly regarded, especially when working with some of the very best advanced machinery selected from manufacturers worldwide. That technology helps to provide Monno with a competitive edge in the market place. 
Monno is a strong supporter of the environment, using for example only natural non toxic materials in its porcelain, and only recycled pulp in its packaging; disposing of waste factory product in accordance with Federal and European standards. Monno does not employ children or discriminate between gender, and has an equal opportunity policy. Monno also cares for the community, providing welfare, vocational training, basic education for those less well off, together with a home for underprivileged children. Those graduating from these programmes are helped to find jobs according to their individual abilities. Monno’s own ethical and social environmental policy is in accord with that of their customers and has satisfied the requirements of all factory and ethical audits independently carried out on their behalf. 
At the time of writing the Monno Group is currently building a hospital as will further benefit its employees and residents in local communities.

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