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The SINGER saga began in 1851, when Sir Isaac Merritt Singer with US$ 40 in borrowed capital began to manufacture and sell a machine to automate and assist in themaking of clothing. This revolutionary product was the first offering from the newly formed I.M. Singer & Company, which hasnow evolved into the world leader in manufacturing and distribution of sewing related products. The SINGER brand name is now famous around the globe.
In 1876, SINGER became the first multinational industrial company as it began manufacturing sewing machines in Glasgow, Scotland. By 1880, world sales had reached 250,000 units. Additional factories were established in New Jersey, and one of the best-known emblems- the RED S Girl Trademark-was developed.
The first electric machine was introduced in 1889 and by the turn of the century annual sales had reached US$1.35 million. A separate subsidiary, the singer Sewing Machine Company, was established to handle sales and distribution in the western hemisphere.

In 1908, The singer Building at 149 Broadway in New York was opened and became the headquarter of Singer for the next 54 years. It was the tallest building and the first skyscraper in the world at that time.
Capitalizing on its famous brand name,its hire-purchase plan and its vast network of retail outlets and other distribution points around the world, Singer introduced electronics, home appliances, and other consumer durables especially in the Asia Pacific Rim, Latin America and the Caribbean. Today Singer is a household name through out the world for a wide range of products for the home.



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