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ZeroTurnaround helps companies build software applications faster and catch problems earlier, before they are put in front of customers. Its flagship solution JRebel is used by thousands of enterprises around the world to eliminate the need for redeployment in development, saving each developer an average of 40 minutes a day, while XRebel and XRebel Hub are the first APM tools for development and test teams

Rogue Wave Software Acquires Java Developer Tool Provider ZeroTurnaround
JRebel fuels dramatic Java developer productivity gains

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Nov. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Rogue Wave Software announces it has acquired ZeroTurnaround, the visionary company behind JRebel, XRebel, and XRebel Hub. ZeroTurnaround solutions eliminate the time-consuming build, deploy, and run cycle, speeding Java development, and removing wait-time frustration for developers. ZeroTurnaround technology is used by more than 5,200 enterprise teams, including 36 of the Fortune 100, representing more than 65,000 active users in over 90 countries.

Speeding development cycles and improving developer productivity underpins enterprise innovation and time-to-market. And, in a competitive job market, the need to keep developers energized and happy has never been more important.

With frequent saves, Java developers spend hours waiting, as builds and redeploys connect across various development frameworks. The complexity of the developer desktop is simplified with ZeroTurnaround, as developers immediately sync across systems, turning minutes into seconds. On an average day, the flagship product JRebel saves hours of a developer's time, and avoids frustrating context shifting between tasks.

The Java development landscape is vibrant, as RedMonk analyst James Governor explains, "Java shows strong and sustained market momentum as the language and platform continue to evolve and find new niches," said James Governor, cofounder of RedMonk. "Tools and frameworks driving velocity and quality in the age of CI/CD will continue to grow and win share."

Brian Pierce, Rogue Wave CEO said, "Today's announcement builds on our commitment to improving our developer toolset, and to our core mission of simplifying development complexity, improving application quality, and shortening cycle times. ZeroTurnaround is unparalleled in the ability to improve Java development, and make developers more productive and happier."

For further information or to request a direct briefing, please contact Bailey Battige.

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