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Upon full completion of Euronext's planned integration process, Euronext will be the first fully integrated, cross-border, E u r o p e a n market for equities, bonds, derivatives and commodities.

Euronext has launched two Pan-European indices (2/10/ 2000) : 

The blue chips indices: Euronext 100, Next 150. These indices were launched on October 2, 2000. The classification of the Euronext list follows the FTSE Global Classification System, which segments the values in 10 economical groups, 36 industrial sectors and 100 industrial sub-sectors, a system that is used now in France, and also in The Netherlands and Belgium, in London, Madrid and Hong Kong, as well as by Reuters and Datastream. 

The indices are calculated by Euronext Indices B.V., a 100% subsidiary of Euronext, using the same methodology as the world’s main index compilers. At the time of Euronext’s launch these new indices were only used for benchmarking purposes, but in the longer term derivatives may be introduced on these indices. 

Last 2 January 2002, as part of the launch of the NextPrime and NextEconomy segments, four new indices have been created to reflect developments in share prices and returns in these segments. A price index and a total return index are calculated for each segment.


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