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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

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Le Saunda Holdings Ltd.
Lee & Man Holdings Ltd.
Legend Holdings Ltd.
Li & Fung Ltd.
LifeTec Group Ltd.
Lonking Holdings Limited
Luk Fook Holdings (Int'l) Ltd.

Mainland Headwear Holdings Ltd.
Mansion House Group Ltd.
Manulife Financial Corporation
Mascotte Holdings Ltd. 
Mei Ah Entertainment Group Ltd.
Melbourne Enterprises Ltd. 
Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Ltd.
Mirabell Int'l Holdings Ltd.
Moiselle International Holdings Limited 
Moulin Int'l Holdings Ltd.
MTR Corporation Ltd. 

New Island Printing Holdings Ltd
New Spring Holdings Ltd.
New World Development Co., Ltd. 
Ngai Hing Hong Co. Ltd.

Orient Power Holdings Ltd.
OSK Asia Corporation Ltd.

Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd. 
Pacific Concord Holding Ltd. 
Perennial Int'l Ltd.
Pearl Oriental Cyberforce Ltd.
Playmates Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Pricerite Group Ltd.
Prosper eVision Ltd.

Quality HealthCare Asia Ltd.

RKE International Holdings Limited

Road King Infrastructure Ltd.
RNA Holdings Ltd.
Ryoden Development Ltd.

SW Kingsway Capital Holdings Ltd. 
Sa Sa Int'l Holdings Ltd. 
Shenzhen Expressway Co. Ltd.
Sen Hong Resources Holdings  Ltd. 
Shangri-La Asia Ltd. 
Shougang Concord Century Holdings Ltd. 
Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Ltd.
Shougang Concord Technology Holdings Ltd.
Shui On Construction and Materials Ltd.
Shun Cheong Holdings Ltd.
Singamas Container Holdings Ltd
Silver Grant International Industries Ltd. 

SIM Technology Group Limited


Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd

SITC International Holdings Company Limited

SiS International Holdings Limited
Sky Hawk Computer Group Holdings Ltd.

SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited

South China Brokerage Co. Ltd.
South China Morning Post (Holdings) Ltd.
Star Cruises Ltd.
Stella International Holdings Limited 
Stelux Holdings Int'l Ltd.

Sustainable Forest Holdings Limited

Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. 
Sun Hung Kai & Co. Ltd.
Sunway International Holdings Ltd. 
Swire Pacific Ltd. 

Tai Fook Securities Group Ltd
Tai Ping Carpets Int'l Ltd. 
Tan Chong International Ltd.
Technology Venture Holdings Ltd. 
Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd.
Television Broadcasts Ltd.
The Bank of East Asia Ltd. 
The Hong Kong and China Gas Co. Ltd.
The Kowloon Motor Bus Holdings Ltd.
The Wharf (Holdings) Ltd. 
Theme Int'l Holdings Ltd.
Tonic Industries Holdings Ltd.
Truly Int'l Holdings Ltd.
Tungtex (Holdings) Company Ltd.

vLink Global Limited
V.S. International Group Ltd
Van Shung Chong Holdings Ltd.
Vantage International (Holdings) Ltd.
Varitronix Int'l Ltd.
Veeko International Holdings Ltd.
Vision Century Corporation Ltd.
VST Holdings Limited

Want Want China Holdings Limited

Weichai Power Company Limited
WellNet Holdings Ltd.
Wing Lung Bank Ltd. 
Wing Shan International Ltd.
Winsor Industrial Corporation Ltd.
Winsor Properties Holdings Ltd.
Wiltec Holdings Ltd.
Wong's Kong King Int'l (Holdings) Ltd.
Worldsec Limited 

Yanion International Holdings Ltd. 
Yau Lee Holdings Ltd.
Ying Wing Holdings Ltd.
Yip's Hang Cheung (Holdings) Ltd
Yue Fung International Group Holdings Ltd.
Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Ltd.

ZHEDA Lande Scitech Limited

Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co. Ltd.

ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ)


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