Place de cotation: BOURSE DE CASABLANCA

BMCI SA (Banque Marocaine pour le Commerce et l'Industrie SA) is a Morocco-based bank. The Bank's principal shareholder is BNP Paribas group, which holds a 66.74% stake. BMCI SA offers its banking services, such as loans, leasing services, trade finance operations and asset management, among others, to individuals, professionals, small, medium and large-sized companies, institutions and financial bodies. The Bank operates through several subsidiaries, including BMCI Bourse, BMCI Finance, BMCI Gestion, BMCI Banque Offshore, BMCI Leasing, BMCI Assurance and BMCI Credit Conso.
26, Place des Nations Unies
+212-22-461000 (Phone)
+212-22-299406 (Fax)

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