Place de cotation: BOURSE DE CASABLANCA

Nexans Maroc is a Morocco-based company engaged in the electronic components industry. It operates in infrastructure, industry and building markets. The Company’s offer encompasses four product groups: power network cabling, such as electrical equipments, power cables and conductors, power accessories and other infrastructure power cables; telecom network cabling, including outdoor cables, interconnect components and cables and telecom systems; industrial cabling, such as transport, aerospace, defense and marine products, geophysics, oil and gas systems, machinery cables and winding wires; and indoor cabling, including local area network (LAN) cabling systems, building wires and cables, industrial cables and fiber/copper LAN, telephone and cable television (CATV) cables. In addition, the Company provides transformers and various power accessories. It operates two production plants, one in Casablanca, and one in Mohammedia. Nexans Maroc is a subsidiary of the Nexans Group.
Boulevard Ahl Loghlam Sidi Moumen
Casablanca, 20400
+212-22-766300 (Phone)
+212-22-766291 (Fax)


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