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TerreStar Corporation is in the mobile communications business through its ownership of TerreStar Networks Inc. (TerreStar Networks), its principal operating subsidiary, and TerreStar Global Ltd. (TerreStar Global). TerreStar Networks, in cooperation with its Canadian partner, 4491165 Canada Inc, a majority owned subsidiary of Trio 2 General Partnership (Trio), seeks to launch an wireless communications system to provide mobile coverage throughout the United States and Canada using integrated satellite-terrestrial smartphones. As of December 31, 2009, TerreStar Corporation had three wholly owned subsidiaries, MVH Holdings Inc., Motient Holdings Inc., and TerreStar Holdings Inc. Motient Ventures Holding Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MVH Holdings Inc., directly holds approximately 89 % and 86.5% interest in TerreStar Networks and TerreStar Global, respectively. Its network consists of three elements: the space segment; the terrestrial network, and a universal chipset architecture.
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