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DFCC Bank is engaged in the business of development financing and investment banking services. The subsidiaries of the Bank are DFCC Consulting (Pvt) Limited, DFCC Vardhana Bank Limited, Lanka Industrial Estates Limited (LINDEL), Lanka Ventures PLC (LVL) and Synapsys Limited. DFCC Consulting (Pvt) Limited is engaged in providing technical, financial and other professional consultancy services in Sri Lanka and abroad. DFCC Vardhana Bank Limited is engaged in the commercial banking business. Lanka Industrial Estates Limited is engaged in the leasing of land and buildings for industrial enterprises. Lanka Ventures PLC is engaged in the venture capital financing business. Synapsys Limited is engaged in information technology services and information technology-enabled services. On July 1, 2008, DFCC Stockbrokers (Pvt) Limited ceased to be a subsidiary consequent to transfer of its voting shares held by the Bank to Acuity Partners (Pvt) Limited.
DFCC Building PO Box 1397 73/5, Galle Road
Colombo, 3
Sri Lanka
+94-11-2442442 (Phone)
+94-11-2440376 (Fax)


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