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Ferntea Limited


Ferntea Limited is a Sri Lanka-based company engaged in the export of tea in the form of bulk, packeted teas and tea bags. The Company is also involved in the import and sale of gold coins to a local company. The Company’s subsidiaries include Sun Island Tour Services Ltd., engaged in the operation and management of a resort hotel, Catamaran Beach Hotel, at Negombo; Autocraft Ltd., engaged in haulage business; Fern Developments (Pvt) Ltd., involved in buying and selling of land; OTG Ferntea Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., engaged in the export of tea in bags; Autoserv (Pvt) Ltd., engaged in the business of garage and service stations, and Ferntea International (Pvt) Ltd, which acts as an agent for tea bagging machineries, sale of tea bag machinery spare parts and provides technical services. 

188 , Vauxhall Street,
Colombo, 2
Sri Lanka
+94-011-2300985 (Phone)

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