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Aerosonic Corporation (Aerosonic), incorporated in 1968, is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sale of aircraft instruments. The Company designs and manufactures both mechanical and digital altimeters, airspeed indicators, rate of climb indicators, microprocessor controlled air data test sets, and a range of other flight instrumentation. In addition, it designs and manufactures angle of attack (AOA) stall warning systems; integrated multi-function probes (IMFPs), which are integrated air data sensors, and other aircraft sensors and monitoring systems. The Company’s products are sold to manufacturers of commercial and private aircraft, both domestic and foreign, and the United States military services. During the fiscal year ended January 31, 2011, approximately 66% of the Company’s sales were to the private sector.
1212 North Hercules Avenue
Clearwater, FL 33765
United States 
+1-727-4613000 (Phone)
+1-727-4475926 (Fax)


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