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AICO Africa Limited
Exchanges: Zimbabwe

Aico Africa Limited, formerly The Cotton Company of Zimbabwe Limited, is engaged in the business of buying and ginning seed cotton and the selling of the resultant lint and seed cotton, the production and selling of planting seed, yarn and grey cloth and the procurement and selling of crop inputs. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008, the Company acquired a 49% shareholding in Olivine Holdings (Private) Limited (Olivine). The predominant business of Olivine is the production and marketing of fast moving consumer goods. In addition, the Company acquired the operating assets of Frupac International Zimbabwe (Private) Limited, a frozen vegetables business situated in Ruwa, through its wholly owned subsidiary Exhort Enterprises (Private) Limited (Exhort). The Company also increased its stake in Seed Co Limited to 50.88%.
1 Lytton Road Workington
+263-4-750706 (Phone)
+263-4-753854 (Fax)


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