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Celsys Ltd.
Exchanges: Zimbabwe

Retail: Provision of specialist services and products primarily to the Telecommunications and Banking Sectors and other corporate entities through the , printing of security documents; commercial printing; outsourcing of IT equipment; retail of mobile phone handsets and accessories; distribution of airtime; management of mobile payphone networks; supply and support of IT security solutions; online marketing services and website design
Dec 12, 2013 | Audited results for FY ended 31 Aug 13
Revenue: $ 1 896 330
Gross Profit: $ 691 862
Results from operating activities: $ (574 449)
Loss before income tax: $ (587 802)
Net finance costs: $(13 353)
Total comprehensive loss for the period: $ (587 802)
Basic loss per share: (0.0367) US cents
Dividend per share: Nil


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