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A.F.S.K. Industries Ltd. is an Israel-based, multidiscipline group of companies providing a range of infrastructure products and services. The Company is engaged in industrial and infrastructure areas, including chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics, military, oil refining, gas and oil pipelines, food industry, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, water distribution, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring, road lighting and software development. The Company consists of several divisions offering worldwide support to its products and services. A.F.S.K. Industries Ltd. operates through its subsidiaries, Arad Plast Ltd., a manufacturer of molded plastic products, Compax Ltd., develops software packages and A.F.S.K. International B.V. which is engaged in control, management and performance of foreign industrial and manufacturing projects.
2 Yagur Street
Haifa, 32626
+972-4-8225060 (Phone)
+972-4-8234258 (Fax)


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