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Argaman Industries Ltd. is an Israel-based company. The Company's subsidiaries include Loar V.B., Gibor Trade, Rotex (1980) Ltd., Adesgo S.A. and Ludizia Rotex Department Stores Ltd., all of which are active in production, marketing and sales of clothing products in Israel and abroad. Loar V.B. is a holding company in Holland which provides administration services for Adesgo S.A. Adesgo S.A. is a Romania-based company that manufactures, markets and sells for the Romanian retail market. Gibor Trade sells all of the Company's products and other products that are bought from various wholesalers, and Ludizia Rotex Department Store Ltd. operates all the stores in which the Company operates. Argaman Industries Ltd. production take place in Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and sub-contractors in Asia.


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