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Salomon A. Angel Ltd. is an Israel-based industrial company that produces and sells bakery products. The Company directly and through its subsidiaries produces bread, cakes and pastries in factories throughout Israel. The Company owns and operates four bakeries across Israel, producing 200 different types of breads, rolls, challahs and pita breads. It also produces cakes and pastries in an additional factory. All of the Company's products are certified Kosher under both the OU (Orthodox Union) and the Badatz Eda Haredit. Salomon A. Angel Ltd. export its products to the United States, Denmark, United Kingdom, France and Belgium, serving both the retail chains and the food service sectors. The Company's retail brands include: Angel Bakeries, Angel Eynan, Angel French Style, Angel's Children's Rolls and Kliliot. An in-store services is available which includes customer-fit solutions to supermarket chains, caterers, restaurants, food manufacturers, sandwich shops and coffee shops.
1 Knafei Nesharim St.
Jerusalem, 95464
+972-2-6580555 (Phone)
+972-2-6511238 (Fax)


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