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The AIFUL Group's consolidated operating revenue for the fiscal year ended March 2014 fell 8% from the previous fiscal year, to 91.8 billion yen.
 As for the loan business, the Group worked on increasing the number of new contracts and lending volume through efficient advertising mainly on the internet and television that befits the scale of the business and expansion of unstaffed branches. However, interests on loans to customer fell 18% year on year to 50.5 billion yen due the reduction of maximum interest rates and a fall in operating loan outstanding caused by the impact of restrictions on total lending limits and waiver of principals accompanying interest repayment claims.
 On the other hand, credit guarantee tie-ups were increased by 7 new partners. The Group has been aiming to increase the number of credit guarantee tie-ups and to provide new product proposals and sales promotion support for existing credit guarantee customers, in order to expand credit guarantee outstanding. In addition to above, due to guarantee for the loan liquidation of BUSINEXT, revenue from the credit guarantee business rose 73%, to 7.9 billion yen.
 Operating expenses fell 18% compared with the previous fiscal year to 69.3 billion yen. This was primarily due to decline in financial expenses resulting from a shrinking interest bearing liabilities and general and administrative expenses, even though the expenses for doubtful accounts increased due to conservative provisioning. Also, 1.8 billion yen (down 89% year on year) provision for losses on interest repayment was posted for subsidiary LIFECARD, due to the continuing uncertainty in the trend of claims for interest repayment.
 As a result, the AIFUL Group's consolidated operating income increased 53% year on year, to 22.4 billion yen.
In addition, ordinary income increased 40% year on year, to 24.7 billion yen, as a result of posting foreign exchange gains etc., as non-operating income. Also, net income increased 34% year on year, to 30.4 billion yen, as a result of posting gain on a negative goodwill and gain on loan extinguishment as extraordinary income.
 As for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015, the AIFUL Group is not currently in a position to determine consolidated results forecasts, recognizing the difficulty in ascertaining the resultant effects on the Group's results, due to still unclear developments in claims for interest repayment. In the event that AIFUL is in a position to disclose earnings forecasts, it undertakes to do so in a timely manner.

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AIFUL & Subsidiaries    Business Classification

Aiful Corporation    Unsecured loan
Secured loan
Small Business loan
Credit guarantee
(established July 2010)
Life Co., Ltd.    Credit card shopping
Installment sales finance
Credit guarantee
(established January 2001)
Businext Corporation    Secured loan
Small Business loan
AsTry Loan Services Corporation
(established November 2001)
Debt collection
New Frontier Partners Co.,Ltd.
(acquisition:March 2004)
New Frontier Partners Co.,Ltd.    Venture capital business

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