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Espanola del Zinc SA is a Spain-based company principally engaged in mining operations and the production and commercialization of zinc, iron ore and steel. Its product portfolio includes packages of zinc, zinc ingot, zinc alloy, zinc cathodes, sulfuric acid and copper cements. Through its subsidiaries, it is also involved in the development of businesses in the energy sector, and particularly in the construction and exploitation of installations for the production of electric and thermal energy using the cogeneration or other installations based on renewable energy sources. In addition, Espanola del Zinc SA is active in the acquisition, holding and sale of securities and properties, as well as in the promotion and development of investments projects for the elderly, such as old people’s homes, nursing or rest homes.
Avenida Tito Didio, S/N
Cartagena, MUR 30392
+34-96-8321282 (Phone)
+34-96-8529412 (Fax)


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