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ABN Amro Holding est une banque universelle tournée vers l'international. 
Son activité s'articule autour de 3 grands pôles :
- banque commerciale. Le groupe est un acteur majeur du secteur bancaire aux Pays-Bas. Il possède un réseau domestique de 885 agences et compte plus de 4 millions de clients. ABN Amro Holding est également présent à l'international dans 74 pays (2 709 agences ; 6 millions de clients). Son réseau est essentiellement développé aux Etats-Unis (441 agences ; 1re banque étrangère aux Etats-Unis) et en Europe (216)
- banque d'investissement et de financement : ingénierie financière, fusion & acquisition,capital développement, etc. Les activités de marchés sont regroupées dans les centres d'affaires de Amsterdam/Londres, Chicago/New York, Hong-Kong et Singapour 
- gestion d'actifs et banque privée

Amsterdam, 31 July 2006 ABN AMRO reports first half 2006 results: Profit for the period up 17.7% compared with first half of 2005

Operating result up 26.7% in first half due to consolidation of Banca Antonveneta, strong revenue growth in all BUs and gain on sale of K&H Bank 
Operating income up (+14.5% excluding, +23.7% including Banca Antonveneta) led by growth markets Latin America (+49.2%) and Asia (+30.0%) 
Global Clients improves its revenues substantially in the second quarter 
Improving operating performance at Banca Antonveneta, with second quarter operating profit before tax 17.2% higher than previous quarter (excluding purchase accounting impact) 
Despite the fact that we are on track with regard to our cost savings programmes, the improvement of the efficiency ratio remains an absolute priority. We have therefore developed a number of additional cost initiatives for the second half of 2006 
Interim dividend 2006 increased by 5 cents to 55 euro cents 

Improved performances reflect impact of mid-market focus and new Group structure 
Improved results in most regional Client BUs reflect combination of the global product capabilities of Global Markets and the strengths of relationships with consumer and commercial clients in the regions
BU Netherlands results up as new service concepts and additional product capabilities continue to increase client satisfaction 

Banca Antonveneta integration and new initiatives well on track 
Forecast synergies of EUR 160 mln by the end of 2007 
Plans for introduction of new products, services and private banking initiatives underway 
Chairman's statement 
"Our performance in the first half of 2006 reflects the initial benefits of making available the global product capabilities of the BU Global Markets to all our consumer and commercial clients in the regions, which led to a solid increase in revenues, continuing the positive momentum in revenue growth. For the second half of 2006, we will continue to work hard on realising all our stated priorities for the year. The successful execution of the management priorities so far, has generated a capital surplus which enables us to announce today a new share buy-back programme of EUR 750 mln, in addition to the EUR 600 mln share buy-back that we completed in the first half of this year. As indicated previously, we will also neutralise the 2006 interim stock dividend." 

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