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3D Oil Limited is an Australia-based company. The Company is engaged in the production and development of upstream oil and gas. The Company’s petroleum exploration permits include Gippsland Basin, including exploration permit VIC/P57 and Bass Basin, including exploration permit T41P. The explored Vic/P57 permit is located in the north west of the basin and extends across the oil-prone exploration that runs from Moonfish to West Seahorse, in the south east of the permit. The West Seahorse field contains oil at three levels within the upper Latrobe Group. Within Vic/P57, two prospects are located along this inversion trend, the Sea Lion and Felix Prospects. Sea Lion is located to the west of the West Seahorse oil field. Felix is located between the Moonfish oil field and the Wirrah discovery, and is similar to Moonfish, which produces oil from several levels.

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