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Analytica Limited is an Australia-based company engaged in development and commercialization of medical devices. The principal activities of the Company consists of the development of intellectual property in the medical device field in relation to patents in the burette field, the development of strategies for commercial sales of burette product; the development of intellectual property of medical device in relation to patents and systems in the pelvic floor exercise field, and development of intellectual property of manufacture and delivery of naltrexone implants. The Company's product Analytica AutoStart Burette is a single use infusion device that provides automatic flow control functionality. Its perineometer systems are used to improve women's motivation to perform the pelvic floor exercises to reduce the effects of stress urinary incontinence. The naltrexone implants are used to treat alcohol and drug addicted patient.


Level 1 85 Brandl St., Brisbane Technology Park Eight Mile Plains
+61-7-32781950 (Phone)
+61-7-32598313 (Fax)



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